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  • Snack Time

    Snack Time

    Filled with gourmet treasures, this picnic basket comes complete with a cutting board, knife, cheese, beef summer sausage, Portlock smoked salmon, Wisconsin Cheddar Cheese, roasted edamame, hot cheese beer dip, tomato horseradish dip mix and Sonoma Jacks...

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  • Take Me to the Ocean

    Take Me to the Ocean

    Our rustic wooden container is embellished with rope handles great to hold trinkets! Paired with a plush washcloth, we've included three amazing shea butter products in this beach gift. First, a mini vegetable soap, beeswax based lip balm and hand and ...

    As low as $22.00
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  • The Heart Box Treat

    The Heart Box Treat

    Perfect for anyone, this heart box is filled to the brin with caramel corn, a strong bar, Lindt truffles, chocoalte truffled almonds and two chocolate dipped pretzels along with Hershey's kisses.

    As low as $34.99
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  • The Office Party

    The Office Party

    An amazing party is ready to start! Chips, crackers, cheese straws and breadsticks are ready for cheese, dipping and pairing. A large cutting board is great to use to display all of these awesome gourmet products. Three types of cheeses, a variety of...

    $169.99 As low as $159.99
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  • Valentine's Coffee

    Valentine's Coffee

    Enjoy this fabulous Valentine's Gift Basket! Placed in a wooden white washed box, we added a Valentine's mug, sign, marshmallow hearts, Lindor strawberry truffles, a Hot Chocolate stick and three Keurig coffee pods.

    As low as $49.99
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  • You Make My Heart Smile

    You Make My Heart Smile

    Perfect for a loved one this wooden whitewash container holds a bottle of sauvignon blanc, a plush darling teddy bear and this wooden sign that says, "you make my heart smile". Due to various state regulations, gift baskets containing wine or beer may...

    $59.99 As low as $54.99
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